The Internet is like a really big city. Amazing what you can find and do. But also dangerous, if you end up in the wrong neighborhood or are victimized by criminals. We can help you take advantage of the good things while also taking good security precautions.

We can help you figure out what’s important and what’s just hype. What’s really dangerous, and what’s just annoying.

Specific things we do:

Refresh old websites

  • Make it look good on modern smart phones.
  • Meet Google’s most important quality guidelines, so your site can be found
  • Make the content match your current priorities

Create new websites

Create new websites for you with minimal cost and effort. Your first site doesn’t have to be amazing – that usually takes too long and costs quite a bit more. But it should be credible and informative, publicly representing you in a positive way. And once you have that, you can always make it better over time until it’s amazing!

Social media and online communications

We can help to make sense of the most important ways you can stay in touch with your customers and find new one’s. Much of it can be done with minimal cost. Additional benefits may arise from online advertising, if done wisely. But social media can also be a rabbit hole of wasted time. We explain things in normal language, so you can decide how much time and money you want to invest.